Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Achieve Six Sigma Green Belt to become an important part of your organization

Green Belts are the employees of an organization who are trained on the most relevant and important Six Sigma improvTement methodology and are ready to lead a process development team as part of their job. Though, Green Belts certified professionals do not need to be as experts as the Black Belts or the Master Black Belts, there are many other things a Green Belt needs to be well conversant with to manage the entire process.

The Six Sigma Green Belt course mainly focuses on imparting practical knowledge and training on various Six Sigma tools and to improve the production process and reduce defects as much as possible in the end products with an enhanced attention on the practical implementation of all these tool and techniques in the organization.

Course Details

The examination consists of 100 questions to be answered in 3 hours. For those aspirants who wish to sit for the Six Sigma Green Belt exam it is highly advisable recommended that Six Sigma training is obtained through a qualified institution, and qualified Six Sigma trainers.  Employees or professionals who have some experience in different project applications or some degree of Six Sigma work experience in real work situations can have some edge in the examination, but this is not necessary. A professional training institute normally conducts a 180 days training program which includes the following:

  • Minimum 10 hours online training program which is very fruitful training program to get all relevant examination related lessons and practical implications of those lessons.
  • Crosswords to get hands on experience of the terms and abbreviation related to Sig Sigma.
  • Real work situation case studies.
  • Question and Answer modules.

Eligibility Creteria

There is no formal prerequisite for this Green Belt Certification examination. However, it is better to complete the lower version of the examination, i.e.  Yellow Belt before appearing for the Six Sigma Green Belt examination.

Eligibility Creteria iA Few Things to know about Green Belt Cerifictification and Training

 The Green Belt holders work only on their existing functional areas.

  • The training program is completely online. Applicants can continue with their regular jobs while undergoing the training program online.
  • The Green Belt holders are trained to become a part of organization’s management.
  • Green Belt is an opportunity to achieve higher techniques and applications of these techniques in real work environment.
  • A green Belt holder is habituated to work with Sig Sigma Green belt techniques. It becomes a part of his or her delivering jobs and responsibilities.
  • Green Belt performance is evaluated through an employee’s appraisal system; however some companies prefer to provide extra incentives after successful completion of the program.
  • Green Belt holders will become more proficient in their current responsibility. They will show higher ability then their colleagues in methodical analysis and interpretational aspects like in Pareto diagram or Histogram etc.
  • This training and certification thereafter is an excellent way to learn financial aspects in a project, which are otherwise not an area of the employees.


Upon successfully completing clearing the examination the aspirant will get a farmable certificate issued by the international body or its designated institutes who conducts the examination. The marks obtained can also be used in professional networks and the designation can be used after the name according to the rules and regulations laid down by the Governing authority of the examination.


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